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Every Dish is a Love Letter

Our passions and pursuits for the highest experience in Japanese cuisine led to our founding of Tomokase. We specialize in serving memories that embrace all senses as part of your experience. And with our devotion to hospitality at our core, our mission is to provide this experience at your pleasure, whether it is in the comforts of your home or for weddings, VIP events, birthday parties or corporate dining. With decades of experience in the hospitality industry, we take pride in our reputation of quality, authenticity and hospitality.

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Tomotsugu Kubo & Mier Wang
Co-Founders & Partners

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Omakase, at home

Enjoy the luxuries of sushi omakase in the comforts of home. The chef serves a tasting menu in front of your guests, while the maître d’ attends to all needs. Dishes, utensils, condiments and clean up are all prepared by our team. Now serving NYC, Long Island and parts of Upstate NY, NJ and CT. 

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Our Chefs

Omakase means, "selected by the chef." Tomokase serves a premium sushi tasting experience led by chefs around NYC. Our team has grown to over 20 professionals and is now led by Executive Chefs Kenji Kitahara and Toshio Matsuoka.

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