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The Tomokase Experience

Every Dish is a Love Letter

Sushi Omakase, At Home

Omakase means "selected by the chef." The experience will include a sushi tasting menu, including amuse bouches and desserts. Observe the chef’s skill and technique as he prepares the sushi in front of you and your guests.

Sake Pairings

Enjoy specifically selected sake to complement your dinner. Our onsite maître d’ will ensure that your glass is always full. Beverages are available by the bottle or as a pairing set. Purchases are available for pre-order or during your reservation.

Service on Site

Our chefs and maitre d’s have Michelin-trained experience. Guests enjoy the meal as we take care of preparation, service, dishes, utensils and clean up.

Special Occasions

If you are celebrating a special occasion or enjoying a date night, we are available to make customizations, including additions to the menu, dietary restrictions, celebratory cakes, flowers etc.

What to Expect

The quintessence of japanese cuisine


1-2 Chefs
1-2 Maitre Ds
*service staff subject to party size*


1-2 Amuse Bouches
10-20 Piece Sushi Omakase
1 Dessert Course


15 minutes to set up
1-2 hour dining experience
15 minutes to clean up


We may accomodate various diets, including kosher, celiac, vegetarian, gluten-free, vegan. Price changes may apply. 


Apartments, living rooms, hotels, back-yards, conference rooms, banquet halls, outdoor set-ups, etc.


Chefs need approximately 3' x 3' table-top space and access to drinking water.


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