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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to prepare anything for the reservation? 

Be sure to provide all instructions in your reservation necessary for the Tomokase team to arrive safely and on time at your home! We require hosts to confirm that they have access to drinkable water so staff and guests can wash their hands.

How much space does the Tomokase staff need?

The ideal set up area will be a table or counter for the chef to prepare the sushi. The chef and maître d’ can be flexible with the setup and can make a space as small as 3' x 3' work, depending on party size. If you have questions about the layout of your space, please feel free to contact us with questions.

How long will the chef and maître d’ need to prepare and set up?

Once the Tomokase team arrives, they will need approximately 15-20 minutes to set up! After that, they can begin your Tomokase experience.  

How long will the total experience be? 

The experience usually ranges between 1-2 hours starting from the time of start. The Tomokase team may stay longer if requested by the guests.

Is the Tomokase experience safe? 

The health and well-being of our guests, staffs, family, and friends are our number one priority. We have set safety guidelines that are more stringent than that of local guidelines. Furthermore, the staff is entirely vaccinated and will be required to take regularly COVID tests to monitor their health.  

What is the delivery fee? 

The Tomokase team often takes Ubers to arrive at your location on time and ensure that the materials are freshly served. The fee is a pass through expense that we pay directly to Ubers for our trip to and from your location.

Why do I have to pay upfront? 

The Tomokase team wants to ensure the quality and freshness of everything we serve! For that reason, we purchase our ingredients within 48 hours of your reservation based on your menu selection and guest count! We will use your deposit to procure the best ingredients for your meal.

Something has come up and I need to change my reservation. How can I do so? 

You may make changes or cancel your reservation up to 48 hours in advance of your seating.  We charge a cancellation fee of 50% to your reservation. If you have any last minute changes, contact us directly. Click here for our contact information.